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I started publishing stories on Medium in February 2021, and with my forever-growing content, a kind of index was needed. I found that in the list feature on Medium, which makes it easy for you too to browse my postings:

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I’m a writer. Always have been. Always will be.

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In 2012 I chose ‘Marie Rebelle’ as my pseudonym — my pen name. The name fitted me like a glove, so much so, that I added the initial of my birth name to it, and became Marie A. Rebelle.

Up to 2012, I used several different pen names, the last…

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The five prompts for the second week of KTHT’s Spooktober

As I start on this, I have just hung up after an hour-long phone call with my son. Sadness has him in its grip as he looks back on a terrible relationship, which took him from standing firmly with two feet on the ground to a suicidal mess. …

A darker image of a woman, where the woman is not in focus, and stretching out her hands, to go with the story about a man in a motel, and something under the bed kept him awake.
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A storm, a dilapidated motel and something under the bed

A loud crack of thunder tore through the walls as he entered his room. The windows rattled. The floor shook. Instinctively, Ryan closed his eyes and pulled his head between his shoulders, trying to shield himself.

Relief washed through him when only the clattering of the rain against the windows…

An image of the keys on an old typewriter, and an old clock on top of the keys, to go with my post about the Blogable Fiction Marathon.
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An annual challenge for all fiction writers

For several years, I organized the Smut Marathon — four years for the Dutch writing community and then for the English community in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, I had to break it off in the middle of the sixth assignment, because of circumstances.

I thought I would never organize…

A sleeping woman holds a burning candle
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Flash fiction in exactly 100 words

Candlelight pushes the darkness to the corners.

His eyes take in her naked form, partially illuminated by the warmth of the light, the rest shrouded in shadows.

One hand holds the burning candle, the other finds the ring between her legs. Pulls it. Flips it. Fingers dip into her dark…

A black and white image of nuts and bolts to go with the next part of the series called ‘Thirteen Years’.
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The story of a friend, and his fight with AIDS — part 3

Continued from… The Dream a Wish Show (2)

Annie and Isaac still stood on the stage when a blonde woman walked towards them. She looked vaguely familiar.

“Hello Annie, nice to see you again,” the woman said and shook Annie’s hand. Even though she looked familiar, and the woman obviously…

A woman with her finger against her lips, shhhh.
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Hard steel and soft flesh united in a unique dance


The female recruits scurried to their place at the foot ends of their bunks. This was only the third time in their short military careers that the sergeant unexpectedly turned up in their sleeping quarters. …

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Replying to five prompts for the first week of KTHT’s Spooktober

During last week’s session at the coach, I admitted feeling blue. Upon speaking the words out loud, the tears came. The gloomy feeling had started two days earlier, and only got darker. I didn’t fight it. …

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Scary stories around the campfire just got real

Nolan stared into the dancing flames of the campfire, barely listening to those around him. His mind traveled back to the last time he had been on this beach. The last time he had seen Bronwyn.

Their bodies move to the music only they can hear, their eyes locked together…

Marie A. Rebelle

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