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Birdsong mixed with the sounds of their passion

On a beautiful, sunny afternoon, they walked deeper into the woods, hand in hand. Their footsteps were the only reason the autumn-colored leaves on the hardened footpath stirred. Birdsong formed a silver lining around the silence of nature.

A bench on the footpath's bend invited them to sit down and…

The image shows a hand holding a brown leather book with a quote of Benjamin Franklin printed on it.
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About using a proofreading tool while you’re busy writing

Before you read on, I want to say that my experiences are only with ProWritingAid, but when I checked, Grammarly seems to have the same or very similar features.

My history with ProWritingAid

Years ago, when I first started submitting stories to different submission calls for anthologies, I needed a good grammar checker. …


Spirit animal or guide: a spiritual entity that acts as a guide or protector to a human being

Photo by Bisakha Datta on Unsplash.

When I saw a tweet mentioning ‘spirit animals’, it intrigued me enough to search for more information. From what I found, it wasn’t conclusive whether this concept (spirit animals) came from Native Americans or the Celtic culture.

This article, however, is not about the origin of spirit animals, but about…

Image of the sunset with a glass ball set in the sun, the glass ball in focus, the sunset not.
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The story of a friend, and his fight with AIDS — part 17

Continued from… Phone calls upset Isaac

When Annie walked into Isaac’s room the next afternoon, concern immediately enveloped her. Isaac was pale and, unlike the previous two days, he wasn’t in his dressing gown on top of the covers. He had the covers pulled up to his chin.

“How are…

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