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Love is life, and life is love - here you will find writings from my heart, sometimes raw and cathartic.

Marie A. Rebelle
My husband doesn't show his feelings, whether good or bad news, but I noticed he does show something...
We've all been there: being teenagers and experimenting with others, to discover our sexuality.
Writing about my life, using the lyrics of Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston as inspiration.
A friend told me about a recurring dream she had, and that sparked memories about my own strange dreams.
My friend gave the advice - to take care of yourself, pretend you are taking care of your twin. The coach used this idea, with success.
One night in bed, I thought of my daughter, my firstborn, and realized how proud I am of her; how much I love her.
Because of all going on in my life, and being close to the point of collapse, I have a life coach to help me deal with the stress.
After months of angry moments with my son, my thoughts sometimes turn dark and twisted.
She wasn't only my mom, but also my best friend, and she frequently led by example.
In stressful times, my back tends to hurt too. That's happening again now, but more intense than ever before. Body and mind are connected!
One of the hardest times in my life, was when I watched my mom slipped away, one day at a time.
With my husband in hospital, I came to the conclusion I have to learn how to be alone.

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