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Love is life, and life is love - here you will find writings from my heart, sometimes raw and cathartic.

Marie A. Rebelle
I was a teenager when I was oh so in love with the naughtiest boy in our class.
I believe in counting one's blessings, in being grateful for what we have.
During one of my coaching sessions, Nelle mentioned I was standing on my square on the chessboard of life. This term intrigued me.
My grandmother, my mother and my daughter - strong women - and I hope I am too.
Talking about my life in September/October 2021 using the lyrics of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.
My husband doesn't show his feelings, whether good or bad news, but I noticed he does show something...
We've all been there: being teenagers and experimenting with others, to discover our sexuality.
Writing about my life, using the lyrics of Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston as inspiration.
A friend told me about a recurring dream she had, and that sparked memories about my own strange dreams.

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